Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ball Room Boutique

Laced With Velvet Vintage are very happy to announce we are hosting yet another stall! This Sunday the 13th of November we will be at The George Hotel in Stoke-on-Trent! The George will be set up with lots of lovely stalls for you to come and browse from 11am until 5pm . You can enjoy a cup of tea or a drink at the licenced bar. We will also be having a new helper named Abbi so come and say hi! It's her first time helping LWV and we're happy to have her! We hope to see you there!
For more information simply go here:!/event.php?eid=103638646403068

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Vintage Tea Party:

Last weekend I threw a fabulous vintage tea party for my new friends to enjoy! The table was set with my finest cake stands and eternal beau as well as scrummy cupcakes and petite triangle sandwiches. Vintage jewellery was placed lovingly on the window sill and bags were arranged at the end of a rail which held beautiful vintage clothes. I was also dressed the part dolled up in a pretty yellow 1950's style dress with 50's hair and make up.

I was excited to see the reactions of my friends as they searched through all the vintage items 'oohing' and 'aahing' at the delights. I was on hand making teas and coffees telling everyone to help themselves to the victoria sponge cupcakes I had made especially that morning, using a secret Gilly Treats recipe. I was showered with compliments about them. I really enjoyed discussing the eras of the items and how people must of lived back then.

I would recommend having a go at throwing a vintage tea party whether you sell vintage or not! The atmosphere is great especially when people make the effort.  When throwing mine I was on a  student budget but still managed an elegant and yummy arrangement. If you are throwing one you may want to consider investing in some tea cups. You don't have to spend a fortune on a set, you can make a cute and quirky mismatched tea set by collecting cups and saucers from antique stores or charity shops. You may also want to set the scene with some floral plates and cushions. I also believe anything can be prettied up with a bit of ribbon.

I have serious tea cup envy when it comes to people who have dressers with all sorts of antique tea cups and saucers. Every piece is unique and makes your everyday cup of tea much more exciting. There really is something nostalgic about them. I for one remember my grandma having a special tea set kept in a pretty wooden dresser.

I really hope you have enjoyed my blog and I have inspired you to have your own vintage tea party!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Happy Sunday: The ultimate way to enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday is a great day believe it or not! Yes it's the end of the weekend but it's the start of a whole new week and, for some, a day or rest. I personally love to spend my Sundays pampering myself and preparing for the week ahead. So, do not dispare! Each Sunday I will share some tips with you so you to can enjoy yourself and have a happy Sunday!

 Sunday's Saviours:

Homemade Original Pink Lemonade:

  • 1 glass of water
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Sugar to taste
  • Half a glass of cranberry juice
  • Mint leaves (optional)
In a saucepan (yes really!) add your glass of water and your sugar. Stir until all sugar is disolved then add the lemon juice and cranberry juice. Take off the heat and wait for this to cool. Serve in a tall glass with ice and mint leaves. Yum!

Dreamy Easy Cupcakes With Ganache:

To make the sponge: Weigh out two eggs and add the exact same amount of sugar, butter and self raising flour. Add to this 4 tablespoons of coa coa powder.
  • Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees
  •  First cream together the butter and sugar then add the eggs and mix again
  • Add the flour and coa coa powder by sifting a bit at a time and mixing
  • Place into a cupcake tray then in the oven
  • They should be ready in half an hour or if you can poke a knife in the middle and it comes out clean
For the Ganache: You will need a 230g bar of chocolate and 1 cup of double cream.
  • Cut up your bar of chocolate into fine pieces and place in a large bowl
  • Bring the cream to the boil whilst stirring then take off the heat and add to the bowl of chopped chocolate
  • Stir until smooth and glossy
  • Leave to cool- the longer you leave ganache the firmer it will become

Now it's time to relax and give yourself a manicure! I hope this brightened up your Sunday!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bon Appetit!

For most of us it's back to work or school which means the dreaded task of preparing lunch for the next day. I find myself rushing around and leaving lunch until the last minute,sometimes having to make lunch 5 minutes before I left. This meant when it came to lunch time I was almost always disappointed with my efforts. Everyone else always seemed to have amazing lunches and mine usually consisted of a dry sandwich or a piece of fruit. I have decided I will not be that person this September. No, I will be the one with the lunch that everyone admires.

So first thing is first, I invested in some cute lunch boxes in various sizes as well as some small pots to store sauce in. I felt pride with my new tools of the trade and was surprised with the variety available.
This to me looks the most convinient lunch box and would make a great gift for a friend or partner. It even has a place to store dipping sauces and divided compartments for seperating foods.

I love salads! They are yummy, satisfying and good for you all at once. Here I will share some of my favourite lunch recipes including tasty salad recipes:

Chinese Chicken Salad:
This is very tasty and you can use left over chicken from the night before.
  • Chop half a spring onion into small pieces and peel a carrot ready.
  • In a saucepan add about 2 table spoons of soya sauce, a table spoon of oyster sauce and a table spoon and a half of sweet chilli dipping sauce or sweet chilli jam. You can always add more or less to suit your tastes.
  •  Add the chopped spring onion and cook for about 5 minutes on a low heat until the sauce thickens slightly and is mixed well.
  • In another pan cook about a cup of egg noodles and drain.
  • Toss the left over sliced chicken pieces into the sauce and stir so chicken is coated evenly.
  • In a lunch box add salad leaves of your choice, add the noodles and shred the carrot ove rthe top.
  • In a smaller seperate container place the amount of chicken and sauce you want. At lunch all you need to do is add the chicken to salad leaves and noodles. This prevents the salad leaves from becoming soggy.

Really Easy Tuna Pasta Salad:
This is so simple using left over tuna pasta bake from the night before.
  • Place salad leaves in a lunch box and wait for the pasta left overs to cool.
  • Add a cup, or however much you wish, of the cooled left over pasta to the salad leaves.
  • Your pasta salad is ready to enjoy!
Yummy Frittata:
Again very simple using left over salmon, you can even toss in left over chicken or pasta.
  • Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • Coat a dish that can be placed in the over with butter or spray with oil.
  • In a bowl beat together 4 eggs, half a cup of milk, 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper.
  • Stir in 1/2 a cup of cheese of your choice adding basil and rosemary to taste.
  • Add the left over salmon and mix in.
  • Pour mixture into an oven dish.
  • Cook for about 30 minutes until frittata is golden on top and set in the middle.
  • Leave to cool then slice and place in a lunch box with salad and spinach leaves.
I hope you are inspired by my recipes! Do you have any lunch time favourites?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

GO chains: Mixing the 80's with now!

GOrealler are taking over with their amazing designs which marry the 70's/80's style and music with now! If you haven't heard of them you will do soon! I bought a blue and pink GOchain and I love it.

I love GOchains not just because they are fun and quirky but they are, in a way, about nostalgia. That in your face 80's vibe with the bold chains and cassette tape takes you back to your love of music. If you know me you will know I love the 80's for it's music and crazy style. I for one remember listening to the radio  waiting for my favourite songs to come on and recording them onto a cassette.
 Ofcourse I thought the cassette had been lost in the modern world but not anymore! You can now wear your memories.

Go check out their creations NOW! You won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Eternal Beau

The wonderful thing about moving into a new place is that often people will buy you lovely things to fill it with! Now we have most of the flat sorted it was time to pay attention to detail. We realised we had most items but were short on plates. I am fussy with these things as I love antique plates, they look darling and make every meal time feel like you're at a resteraunt. However, beggers cannot be choosers!

I was VERY pleasently surprised when Simon's Mum's friend gave us her old plates. I opened the old news paper to find adorable antique octagon plates with dainty flowers and a pale yellow ribbon. Yes, they were eternal beau plates, side plates, bowls, a cup and saucers. I was so impressed with them! I instantly felt a sense of pride holding them and was happy to know we would have many many lovely meals together.

Not long after Simons Grandma had told us she had bought some lovely little glasses for our flat. To my joy and surprise they turned out to be eternal beau glasses! It seemed a strange coincidence, but instead I took it as faith because the very next day I visited a charity shop and they had the eternal beau tray!

I then discovered eternal beau was the gift of choice to give to newly weds in the 1980's. Now, we have been together for many years but are not newly weds yet. So if this is what you get for moving in together I can't wait to see what you get when you're married!

My collection kept growing! I ventured to a Sunday carboot with my Mum not expecting much maybe a nice antique plate here and there. Once again on a lady's stall I found an eternal beau clock! However her friend collected eternal beau so she knew how much it was worth so it was sold to me for £4. She then said 'Someone collects eternal beau! I'm surprised you don't already have the clock.' Ashamed that I indeed didn't have the clock already and feeling like I was a rubbish collecter I took my clock home. I then enthusiastically texted Simon and my friend Kerryanne about my find.

To drown my depression of being a rubbish collector I searched ebay. BIG mistake. I found myself bidding on everything eternal beau I could find! Including napkins and napkin rings. I have to admit though, I do love the collection. It's all so damn cute and dainty without being overly floral and in your face! I also like the unusual shape.

Do you collect anything too? Let me know!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Move over Nigella! Gizzi Erskine has arrived:

You may recognise Gizzi from TV shows such as cook yourself thin and cookery school. Now she is taking  over with her amazing talent and sound knowledge about healthy eating. She has even been dubbed the new Nigella.
 I really enjoy cook yourself thin as the recipes are never disapointing and you wouldn't think what you were eating to be  diet food. The show started with a group of ladies but Gizzi was always my firm fave so I was delighted when she went solo. She said: "Last time it was a Sex and the City-style cookery show. Now the whole thing is very Bewitched, like the 60s comedy. It's so cool. They've done a little cartoon for me, 1960s-style with my beehive." Cook yourself thin shows Gizzi helping those over weight to change a few simple things in their diet to help them get the figure they want. This means still having the flavoursome food they loved but in a much healthier way with a lot less calories. Gizzi puts those on the show at ease and you can tell by their reaction the food is actually amazing.

This may surprise you but Gizzi is a lover of retro and 60's style, as you can probably tell by her fabulous beehive and clothing. Although she admits to have being a bit of a punk with piercings, a shaved quiff and tattoos! She lights up the TV screen whenever she is on with her grace, charm and great knowledge about food. Gizzi, unlike alot of celeb chefs, actually is educated in cooking and you can really tell!

Gizzi has also brought out her own cooking book which I will be buying called 'Gizzi's Kitchen Magic.'
If you missed the show do not fret! You can watch it on 4od.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

We've got obsessions...

...Mine happens to be Cath Kidston. You can imagine the joy I felt when viewing Cath's new range of  vintage inspired items. They spoke right to my heart and I must have them!
Let us start with this modest but beautiful pins tin. It has a wonderful English elegance about it and that superb retro feel. Button tins and thread tins are also available in this style. I think any self respecting retro lover would be happy to have this in their home. It's both stylish and practical.

Next up is this wonderful red vintage inspired flour shaker. Now, I already own the provence rose flour shaker so it would be a tad silly for me to buy another on my budget. However look at the detail to vintage! I love it!

If I were allowed to hammer a pin in my rented flat the first thing I would put up would be this gorgeous retro ceramic clock. This has a lovely homely vibe to it and comes in blue too!

I would be glad to carry my lunch in one of these delightful vintage inspired sandwich boxes. Best of all, you get all three boxes for £8! Sounds good to me!

Cath alwys manages to surprise me with her designs. I swear she must of had me in mind when creating these! However don't just take a Cathaholic's word for it, go have a look around her site yourself!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Blast from the Past:

It seems that recently more and more people have been looking to the past for inspiration. The highstreet is flowing with vintage inspired goodness and I can't wait to see what is next! With so many lovely things to look at it's hard to choose your favourites, but I've done my best:
1970's style sequin bag Oasis
Retro ponti dress Riverisland

Retro high waisted shorts by Biba House of Fraser

House of Harlow 1960 14ct gold Tiger Eye ring Asos


Friday, 29 July 2011

Bonkers about Bento!

If you know me you know I love all things cute! Japan is known for its super cute, or 'kawaii' as they say, fashions and designs. Everything is decorated with tiny cute bows, cakes or creatures and I love it! So when I came accross the bento box which is both artistic, cute and edible I was in heaven.
After googling my life away and aawing and oohing at the super cuteness of these boxes  I couldn't stand it any more! I was like a women possessed watching tutorials on youtube and searching through images. All I could think is what a great way to pack your lunch! Lunch never has to be boring again! Now adults do make these for themselves but they are usually made for children who are fussy eaters. So, I've bought myself a super cute girly polka dotted red bento box and  I will be getting my boyfriend a more grown up version from firebox.
Look how cute! I love how yummy and adorable it all looks. I can't wait to start packing lunches. Now, I'm not promising anything as I'll just be starting out!
 I will keep you posted. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Master Your Wardrobe:

Ever have the problem where your wardrobe is FULL of clothing but you have nothing to wear? Welcome to my world. My problem is that I have so many quirky vintage pieces or old clothes when it comes to needing something to wear I can't find anything. I also find myself wearing certain items over and over again, I have one pair of high waisted skinny jeans which I have worn to death. It was then I decided it was time to break up with my wardrobe.
A few hours later I was faced with 5 big plastic bags of clothing and STILL a wardrobe full of clothing. Most of the clothing I've kept are things that I tried on and they still looked great. Looking at my rails of clothing I realised my problem. I forgot the basics! Most of my pieces are quirky and patterned so when it comes to putting a casual outfit together it was no wonder I found it difficult. Like most of us, I am working on a strict budget so I really need to choose carefully what to buy and what not to buy!

Wardrobe Basics:
There are a few items every girl needs in her wardrobe. A few basics can make a big difference as you can mix and match items to create new styles and looks.
  • Heels- 3 pairs of heels in black, neutral and another colour of your choice are all you really need. An expensive comfortable pair of heels is cheaper in the long run as they will last you longer.
  • Flats- Personally I believe you can never have too many flats! They look great with any outfit and are what you will probably be wearing most of the time. Also invest in a good pair of trainers for exercise.
  • Boots- I would say have at least 3 pairs of good boots to last you through Autumn and a pair of reliable boots for when it snows. I love boots as you can wear them with anything! For Autumn I'd wear mine with a jumper dress and tights.
  • Jeans- 2 pairs of jeans in a darker shade will flatter your figure. My personal favourites are high waisted or skinny jeans.
  • Coats- 2 coats are all you really need! One for the harsh winters and a lighter one for Autumn. I love my sheepskin vintage coat for winter and my beige fitted zara coat for Autumn.
  • Plain Tops- At least 4 plain tops two of which should be black and white.
  • Skirts- Skirts are great when you want to look a bit fancy but not too fancy, like if you're going out on the town.
  • Jumpers/Cardigans- These are great for chilly summer nights and cover ups. I personally like my Jumpers overiszed teamed with skinny jeans and boots.
  • Maxi Dress- I own a beautiful full length red Ghost maxi dress, it's my go to piece for big events such as weddings.
  • The LBD- The little black dress was invented by Coco Chanel and made famous by Audrey Hepburn.  It is a wardrobe classic for any girl, it's a go to if you need to look extra polished for a date and lasts through all seasons.
I hope this inspires you to go and declutter your wardrobes! Why not invite some friends over to help? They can tell you honestly what looks good! You can even make an evening of it and have a swap party!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mad about Mad Men

A while back my sister came to visit from London and we had a great time catching up and talking about how LWV is doing. I always love when my sister comes to visit as she lives in Camden London and often visits the vintage markets down there to tell me what's new and what people are loving right now. We got to talking about a programme called Mad Men. She told me I had to watch the programme as it was set in the early 1960's and had loads of amazing fashion. Now, I had heard of Mad Men before and had taken a look at Christina Hendricks and her amazing wardrobe on the show. So finally I got to watching it!

 Joan Holloway, played by Christina Hendricks, is a very popular character on the show and plays a big role of a succesfull women working in a mans world.  Her character is sexy and always well dressed in beautiful dresses and office attire. She plays up to her perfect hourglass figure with wiggle dresses and pencil skirts. I love the wiggle dress and recently bought a handmade vintage wiggle dress for myself from Vintage Vanity. I love how the dresses hug your figure and make you look amazing!

You can get some fantastic wiggle dresses from Dolly Dagger. They will set you back a bit but they are lovely. There are loads of beautiful dresses and other retro bits on their site.
They have also recently opened shop in brighton! I would love to go and visit and sample all the delights they have to offer.

How do I know if I have an hourglass figure?
  • You have an hourglass figure if your body is like the number 8. You have a large bust, small waist and large hips. For example your chest measurements should be similar to your hip measurements and your waist should be smaller than both.
  • You can FAKE an hourglass figure using corsets and a good bra if you are not blessed in that department.
  • Another trick is to buy a great pencil skirt dress and add a waist belt to give the illusion of hourglass curves.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Old Favourites: Cocktails from the past!

When it's time to relax we all have our old favourite drinks we keep going back to. Some like a simple whisky on ice whilst others may have more expensive tastes and choose to unwind with champagne. Cocktails are my drink of choice as they are always presented well and taste great. We all like a drink every now and then so why not make it something classy and fancy like our old favourite stars?
Frank Sinatra was known to be a very stylish man always aware of how he looked and the company he kept. So it makes sense that his drink of choice was the very classy manhattan! It was said he would enjoy this cocktail with the "Rat Pack."
The late great Marilyn Monroe lived a hectic life but always enjoyed the finer things. Her great loves were men, chanel, acting and champagne. So my guess is she would of  enjoyed this simple but stylish champagne cocktail.

I do not hide the fact that I consider George Peppard in his 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' days to be the best looking man to have ever lived. Admittedly I do still watch the film and swoon over him. He has such grace and air about him which you can't quite put your finger on. George liked to relax with whisky,  Jack Daniels being the whisky of choice back then. I reckon the perfect gentlemen would have gone down well with George.
I hope you have fun trying these out! Remember to drink responsibly!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Viva Vintage!

It seems like the vintage revival is here to stay! Hooray! I am so pleased to see more and more people wearing and loving vintage items as that what Laced With Velvet Vintage is all about. I have seen the high street imitating vintage fashion more and more. I'm also noticing more celebs rocking the vintage trend.
 Sheer tops and blouses are making a big come back especially lace tops.  Here you can see one of LWV's own gorgeous sheer polka dot blouses from the 1980's when patterns were exaggerated and clothes were daring. Even though this is a vintage piece it is very much with the times! Team this with red lipstick, a high waisted black skirt and red heels.
 I love and adore vintage as the pieces have a story to tell and have lasted for ages! They always look classic and I know when I am wearing something vintage no one will have the same thing.
Vintage bags are also a favourite of mine and embroided bags are appearing all over the high street. In the picture you can see one of LWV's  stunning embroided vintage bags. I love this bag as it isn't too big or too small. Vintage bags have a beautiful quality to them so I guess it makes perfect  sense for the high street to imitate the style.
Urban outfitters even sell lovely pieces of vintage jewellery and even asos now have a market section selling vintage! Even my local charity shop has a vintage clothing rail! I couldn't be happier about the vintage revival and hope you are inspired too.

Friday, 8 July 2011

A Domestic Goddess in the making: The Hunt

Searching for items for a new home can be very very scary indeed, I know I found it tough! So to make things easier for those in a similar situation to me I thought I'd share some of my tips;

1. New Home, Fresh start:
A new place is a new you! It's your chance to leave the past in the past and re invent yourself if you wish to do so, especially if you're starting uni like me. I recomend going through old clothes and seeing what you REALLY wear and what you don't need at all. Make sure you try on each item before they go in the plastic bag then have a clothes swapping party for you and your friends!

2. Get rid of the clutter:
I am the worst for hoarding! I tend to find bits around my room I have never meant to keep. To help with the clutter make a memory box to put loved and cherished items you wish to have with you. Give the bits and bobs you don't need to a charity shop or have a carboot sale.

3. Make Lists:
Sounds silly but you'll be surprised at how much you can forget to get or how much you already have. Go through the things you have and make a list of things you need for all the rooms in your home.

4. Hunt:
Don't go into a store and buy the first thing you see. Chances are if you look around you may find a better deal!

5. A Place For Everything:
Make sure there is enough space for your items and try your best to keep everything where it should be. This makes things easier to find and cause you less of a fluster if you're cooking for guests.

6. Living With Friends:
Do your part of the cleaning away after yourself and do your best to not get in anyone's way. If a friend is bringing someone over who you may not like remember it is there home too. If tensions start to build though make sure to talk to eachother. Even the best of friends can have arguments when living together.

7. Living With  A Partner:
Make sure you both tidy up around the home and keep it neat. Chances are you are both busy with uni work or working. Try to make it so the person who is home first does the cooking. Again communication is key to getting any relationship right and is just as important when living together. Remember to give one another space if you need it. Sit down and talk about what your plans are and how you would like your home to look.

Getting a new home is exciting and fun so remember to relax and enjoy it once it is all done.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Make Do and Mend

As you may know I have recently taken up sewing as a hobby and I am hooked! I can't stop myself from wanting to turn every scrap of old fabric into something new and useful again. It really is like breathing a new lease of life into something that was once useless. As they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure!
My favourite thing to make at the moment are these cute egg cosies. I have re worked vintage lace, fabric and buttons from poor old clothes that could not be rescued! I do also use vintage style scrap material in some.
If you would like to make a simple egg cosy it really is so easy! If I am honest, Im not one for measuring and precision. I simply cut out two semi-circled shapes from felt material. I then tack the lace onto the inside of one of the semi circles. On the other half I sew or bondaweb a flower shape and stitch on a button. I then place the two pieces together making sure the lace is only visible from the top and sides. All that is left to do is to pin the two pieces together and get to stitching them. It really is that simple!
If you are going to take up sewing as a hobby I highly recommend investing in a pair of pinking sheers (the scissors with the zig zag edge.) I also advise you to NEVER use fabric scissors for anything but fabric! Although it is tempting to use them on paper it will ruin them as this blunts the scissors.
 Another simple project that was simple and easy for me to make is my 'Stanley' cushion. I got tips from my Cath Kidston book (surprise surprise) as this shows you how to make a cute stanley toy. However, if you make half the Stanley you can use him to make an adorable lavender cushion!
To make this cushion all you need is two pieces of fabric the same size as an A4 piece of paper, polyester stuffing (same you would use for toys) and dried lavender or lavender oil. Sew or bondaweb on your Stanley dog onto the one side. Next tac the two pieces together and cut along the edge with pinking sheers. Sew together the two pieces remembering to leave a hand sized gap at the top to place your stuffing in. Add your stuffing and dried lavender, if you are not using dried lavender but are using lavender oil make sure to put the drops of lavender oil onto your stuffing and let it dry before filling the cushion. Now all you need to do is finish your stitching and your done!

I have to say this cushion is my pride and joy I adore it! I hope you feel inspired to make do and mend too!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

When hosting any event you want everything to be perfect; the perfect setting, guest list and even the perfect drinking cups. The heart of all events, especially birthdays, is ofcourse the cake! I happen to know a fantastic cake company whose attention to detail without compromising the taste is astonishing. They will definitely make sure you are 'keeping up with the Jones's' so to speak.

Gilly Treats is a small baked treat company based in London who make made to order cakes of amazing quality and design. They adore baking and have such a great passion for cake as they know the cake is the center piece of any event. Their cakes are delicious and I can say so myself having tried their scrummy cupcakes and oreo cake truffles! I guess that's why their famous quote is "have another one!" I can guarantee you will be having many if you ever get to try some of their creations. The company caters to everyone including those with special dietary needs such as vegans. If you want your cake to be custom made and different from everyone else's or need something with 'wow' factor Gilly Treats is the way to go!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Domestic Goddess in the making:

Soon I will be leaving my family home and moving into a lovely little flat with my boyfriend Simon. I went to view the flat in May on my own so I was a tad nervous incase I wasn't as flat savy as I had imagined myself to be. Needless to say the flat was lovely and consisted of two bedrooms, a bathroom, a storage room and kitchen/living room. The colours were typical for a rental flat the usual creams and beige with some unusual pops of other colours around. Once I knew we had the flat I knew I had to get to work on putting things together. I wanted to make sure my small flat would become a home that reflects mine and my partners personal tastes.

I thought I would start with someone whose quirky colours and floral designs are something that I cannot get enough of, Cath Kidston. Anyone who knows me will know that I adore Cath and her designs. I bought my first bag (the smallest of the bags in the picture) at the age of 16. Her floral prints remind me of an era gone by where homes were homely and women enjoyed making their own clothing and nick-nacks for their homes. As you can see my collection is growing.

In Cath's books you can see some great images of her home which confirms what I thought; Cath Kidston is a true domestic Goddess. I have learnt alot from her books  'sew' and 'make.' I will show you later some things I have began to make for the flat. Cath is not affraid to clash colours as long as it is to her taste she will have it and I admire that kind of fearlessness. I guess what I will take away from Cath is don't worry about what others think it's YOUR space to do what you would like with it.

As much as I would love to raid the Cath Kidston store and fill the flat with it I do not have the funds to. So I have managed to find some Cath Kidston inspired goodies which are just as beautiful! The coasters and the tins are from BHS and were a gift from my Mum and sister for the flat. They will look great in my kitchen.

 Another woman I will be taking a lot of inspiration from is Kirstie Allsopp and her book 'Kirstie's Homemade Home.' I bought this book after watching the series online and I feel it has been very very useful! It has taught me that I can make the smallest of spaces into something worth showing off. It has also taught me to look in antique shops. Now I have always been an avid secondhand shopper but I thought antique shops would cost the earth. However I kept my eye on the local antique shop down the road and managed to grab an amazing bargain for my flat. A victorian what-not worth £35 reduced to just £5! I also found a glass cake stand for just £2 at my local charity shop. I personally love shopping at charity shops as you not only get something unique but you are also helping others. Another thing to keep in mind is to ask others if they have things they do not want. My Dad had an old cigar tin which I think looks amazing and will be so useful!
 Again, like Cath, Kirstie talks about making things yourself for your home. This is the sure fire way to know you have something unique that shows your tastes in your house. I have recently taken up sewing and I love it! Now I understand most people are probably thinking 'I don't have time to sew!' However I disagree as you can easily do some sewing whilst watching the TV.  In the image you can see I have made an adorable Cath Kidston inspired egg cosie which took me all of 10 minutes! You can make these as gifts for family members or as stocking fillers for christmas.
I am also having a go at making a patchwork quilt which is something I have always wanted to do. When making a patchwork quilt each hexagon should be personalised in some way. This could be something meaningful to yourself like a holiday or something you just enjoy. Patchwork quilts are meant to take years and build as you gain more memories worth putting into the quilt. I am making my quilt for Simon and myself and am slowly adding to it everytime we do something special together.

If you're moving house soon I hope you can take something useful away from my blog today. Good luck and happy homemaking!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

What would Audrey do?

Recently  I was at my local waterstones rummaging through the fashion section when I found myself face to face with a pastel pink book. This book had a lovely image of Audrey Hepburn and read; 'What would Audrey do?'  I was intrigued so decided I would have a quick look through before I decided to commit to it. The book not only had tips on Audrey Hepburns style but also fascintating stories about her life that I had never heard!

The book really gives an insight on how Audrey handled nearly every situation life threw at her. If you have ever wondered how Audrey got her eyelashes to look as extrodinary as they did or how she would act on a first date look no further! This book really does have it all!

The key to having the 'Audrey factor' it seems is to always leave an air of mystery about yourself and never seem too eager. Audrey most certainly would accept a dinner date even if she had a boyfriend. In those days this was known as 'dating for your dinner' and was a common practice. I'm not quite sure how this would work in modern times. However, Audrey was also a very traditional women and would definitely take her husbands last name.

I really have enjoyed reading this book and think at £13.99 it was a steal as it's not just a fashion guide, but a guide to life. Now I'm not saying once you read it you must completely immerse yourself in Audrey's lifestyle but it really does have alot of valuable lessons.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Laced With Velvet Loves

Laced With Velvet has got some great new stock over the past month! We also have some personal favorites which we thought we'd share with you. If you fall in love please visit our facebook page for now and get in touch!

Womens Vintage Navy Patterened dress:


We love this dress! It's elegant and floaty and also slightly sheer, the perfect mix for this summer!

Stunning Black 1940's Jacket:

Does everything a good jacket needs to! Keeps you warm, cinches you in at the waist and makes you look effotlessly chic all at once!

Beautiful Vintage Red Dress:


This dress is just perfect for any occasion weddings, birthdays, coctail partys you name it this dress does the job! It looks amazing and makes sure everyone notices you.

Make sure to keep visiting and we will keep you posted on stalls and the upcoming website!