Thursday, 26 May 2011

Kitchen Beautician - Home made beauty remedies!

As a young girl I remember my grandmother sharing some of her best home made facials with me, and they have never failed! So now I'm going to share some of these secrets with you! Trust me they might surprise you.

Coffee Facial Scrub:
No it's true! This coffee facial scrub wakes my skin up instantly as well as making it really soft and smooth. The recipe is SO easy and simple it takes seconds to make. This is best for normal to dry skin.
1. Take one tea spoon of instant coffee, one tea spoon of brown sugar and half a tea spoon or so of olive oil.
2. Scoop some of the scrub onto your finger tips and rub into your skin in circular motions.
3. Rinse off and voila! Beautiful awakened skin!

Olive Oil Hair Mask:
This is a mirical worker for very dry hair and I often use this remedy to keep my hair full of life and shine. I usually keep the oil in over night placing a towel over my pillow as the oil penetrates your hair and scalp leaving it moisturised and healthy. You don't really need to leave it in that long you can leave it in for an hour or so and still see results.
1. Take a small bowl of olive oil and heat it so it is warm to the touch (not hot! It does have to go on your scalp!)
2. Massage the warm oil into your scalp spreading it evenly through the hair, leave in for about an hour or so.
3. Wash the olive oil out of your hair (this may take a while but it is worth it.)

Lip Scrub:
I've noticed benefit selling a lip scrub which I have tested and to be honest I had the exact same results as when I used my home made lip scrub.
1. Take one tea spoon of brown sugar and one teaspoon of honey or vaseline.
2.Mix the brown sugar with the honey or vaseline.
3. Spread the mixture onto your lips and scrub until the dead skin has gone, rub the excess off.
4. Put on some lip balm and you have kissable lips.

I hope you enjoyed my beauty tips and get to try them out. Also remember to eat healthily and drink plenty of water and fruit juices.

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