Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sound of the Sixties

So the sixties weekend is over and I'm so sad! I had so much fun with Tessa and met alot of people interested in vintage and the vintage way of life. I was so nervous  (especially when I saw people I knew) but then I pulled together my inner Kate Moss and worked the stage like a pro. The place was buzzing and I was impressed to see people had made an effort to dress up for the occasion. There were live bands playing 60's music and a milkshake bar! The models got changed in these amazing old train carriages with really comfy sofa style seats. After my first show there was  a massive adrenaline rush as we were all rushing around backstage trying to get our next outfit on. I had 5 outfit changes and each outfit was amazing. The first was an early 1960's Susan Small prom dress, the next a khaki green shift dress, a silver space age dress with silver gloves, a white embroided dress and an amazing maxi dress with orange and brown flowers. Everyone in the show was really nice and we all supported eachother.
With two hours inbetween each show I got to know some of the people. We would sit in the carriage and try and figure out the personalities of the women who owned these gorgeous gowns.
We particularly liked the space age silver mini dress and gloves and had alot of fun trying to figure out who owned it. When it was time for the last show I was really sad! I didn't want it to end! I did buy some amazing dresses from Tess though, a dog toothed black and white mini and that floral maxi dress I wore. I really could have bought everything! I had such an amazing experience and I really hope to be part of it all next year.

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