Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Domestic Goddess in the making:

Soon I will be leaving my family home and moving into a lovely little flat with my boyfriend Simon. I went to view the flat in May on my own so I was a tad nervous incase I wasn't as flat savy as I had imagined myself to be. Needless to say the flat was lovely and consisted of two bedrooms, a bathroom, a storage room and kitchen/living room. The colours were typical for a rental flat the usual creams and beige with some unusual pops of other colours around. Once I knew we had the flat I knew I had to get to work on putting things together. I wanted to make sure my small flat would become a home that reflects mine and my partners personal tastes.

I thought I would start with someone whose quirky colours and floral designs are something that I cannot get enough of, Cath Kidston. Anyone who knows me will know that I adore Cath and her designs. I bought my first bag (the smallest of the bags in the picture) at the age of 16. Her floral prints remind me of an era gone by where homes were homely and women enjoyed making their own clothing and nick-nacks for their homes. As you can see my collection is growing.

In Cath's books you can see some great images of her home which confirms what I thought; Cath Kidston is a true domestic Goddess. I have learnt alot from her books  'sew' and 'make.' I will show you later some things I have began to make for the flat. Cath is not affraid to clash colours as long as it is to her taste she will have it and I admire that kind of fearlessness. I guess what I will take away from Cath is don't worry about what others think it's YOUR space to do what you would like with it.

As much as I would love to raid the Cath Kidston store and fill the flat with it I do not have the funds to. So I have managed to find some Cath Kidston inspired goodies which are just as beautiful! The coasters and the tins are from BHS and were a gift from my Mum and sister for the flat. They will look great in my kitchen.

 Another woman I will be taking a lot of inspiration from is Kirstie Allsopp and her book 'Kirstie's Homemade Home.' I bought this book after watching the series online and I feel it has been very very useful! It has taught me that I can make the smallest of spaces into something worth showing off. It has also taught me to look in antique shops. Now I have always been an avid secondhand shopper but I thought antique shops would cost the earth. However I kept my eye on the local antique shop down the road and managed to grab an amazing bargain for my flat. A victorian what-not worth £35 reduced to just £5! I also found a glass cake stand for just £2 at my local charity shop. I personally love shopping at charity shops as you not only get something unique but you are also helping others. Another thing to keep in mind is to ask others if they have things they do not want. My Dad had an old cigar tin which I think looks amazing and will be so useful!
 Again, like Cath, Kirstie talks about making things yourself for your home. This is the sure fire way to know you have something unique that shows your tastes in your house. I have recently taken up sewing and I love it! Now I understand most people are probably thinking 'I don't have time to sew!' However I disagree as you can easily do some sewing whilst watching the TV.  In the image you can see I have made an adorable Cath Kidston inspired egg cosie which took me all of 10 minutes! You can make these as gifts for family members or as stocking fillers for christmas.
I am also having a go at making a patchwork quilt which is something I have always wanted to do. When making a patchwork quilt each hexagon should be personalised in some way. This could be something meaningful to yourself like a holiday or something you just enjoy. Patchwork quilts are meant to take years and build as you gain more memories worth putting into the quilt. I am making my quilt for Simon and myself and am slowly adding to it everytime we do something special together.

If you're moving house soon I hope you can take something useful away from my blog today. Good luck and happy homemaking!

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