Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

When hosting any event you want everything to be perfect; the perfect setting, guest list and even the perfect drinking cups. The heart of all events, especially birthdays, is ofcourse the cake! I happen to know a fantastic cake company whose attention to detail without compromising the taste is astonishing. They will definitely make sure you are 'keeping up with the Jones's' so to speak.

Gilly Treats is a small baked treat company based in London who make made to order cakes of amazing quality and design. They adore baking and have such a great passion for cake as they know the cake is the center piece of any event. Their cakes are delicious and I can say so myself having tried their scrummy cupcakes and oreo cake truffles! I guess that's why their famous quote is "have another one!" I can guarantee you will be having many if you ever get to try some of their creations. The company caters to everyone including those with special dietary needs such as vegans. If you want your cake to be custom made and different from everyone else's or need something with 'wow' factor Gilly Treats is the way to go!

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