Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Make Do and Mend

As you may know I have recently taken up sewing as a hobby and I am hooked! I can't stop myself from wanting to turn every scrap of old fabric into something new and useful again. It really is like breathing a new lease of life into something that was once useless. As they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure!
My favourite thing to make at the moment are these cute egg cosies. I have re worked vintage lace, fabric and buttons from poor old clothes that could not be rescued! I do also use vintage style scrap material in some.
If you would like to make a simple egg cosy it really is so easy! If I am honest, Im not one for measuring and precision. I simply cut out two semi-circled shapes from felt material. I then tack the lace onto the inside of one of the semi circles. On the other half I sew or bondaweb a flower shape and stitch on a button. I then place the two pieces together making sure the lace is only visible from the top and sides. All that is left to do is to pin the two pieces together and get to stitching them. It really is that simple!
If you are going to take up sewing as a hobby I highly recommend investing in a pair of pinking sheers (the scissors with the zig zag edge.) I also advise you to NEVER use fabric scissors for anything but fabric! Although it is tempting to use them on paper it will ruin them as this blunts the scissors.
 Another simple project that was simple and easy for me to make is my 'Stanley' cushion. I got tips from my Cath Kidston book (surprise surprise) as this shows you how to make a cute stanley toy. However, if you make half the Stanley you can use him to make an adorable lavender cushion!
To make this cushion all you need is two pieces of fabric the same size as an A4 piece of paper, polyester stuffing (same you would use for toys) and dried lavender or lavender oil. Sew or bondaweb on your Stanley dog onto the one side. Next tac the two pieces together and cut along the edge with pinking sheers. Sew together the two pieces remembering to leave a hand sized gap at the top to place your stuffing in. Add your stuffing and dried lavender, if you are not using dried lavender but are using lavender oil make sure to put the drops of lavender oil onto your stuffing and let it dry before filling the cushion. Now all you need to do is finish your stitching and your done!

I have to say this cushion is my pride and joy I adore it! I hope you feel inspired to make do and mend too!

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