Sunday, 5 June 2011

Vintage Greece

Recently I spent some time in Athens visiting family and enjoying the Greek sun. Athens is full of rich culture and you can see it everywhere you go. The people are always relaxed and can be found lounging in a cafe sipping on a frappe for hours. The down town  fashion is very different from the UK. The women always seem to be dressed up to the nines and are effortlessly chic.

Down town there are loads of designer and high end boutiques but there are some hidden gems. While exploring I found a hidden flea market. There was a lovely busy atmosphere with people trying to get a good deal for what they had found. I was also surprised to find many stalls with beautiful antique pieces and jewellery. I would say the flea market, which was open on a Friday, is definitely worth a visit for one of a kind pieces of vintage jewellery.

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