Saturday, 18 June 2011

What would Audrey do?

Recently  I was at my local waterstones rummaging through the fashion section when I found myself face to face with a pastel pink book. This book had a lovely image of Audrey Hepburn and read; 'What would Audrey do?'  I was intrigued so decided I would have a quick look through before I decided to commit to it. The book not only had tips on Audrey Hepburns style but also fascintating stories about her life that I had never heard!

The book really gives an insight on how Audrey handled nearly every situation life threw at her. If you have ever wondered how Audrey got her eyelashes to look as extrodinary as they did or how she would act on a first date look no further! This book really does have it all!

The key to having the 'Audrey factor' it seems is to always leave an air of mystery about yourself and never seem too eager. Audrey most certainly would accept a dinner date even if she had a boyfriend. In those days this was known as 'dating for your dinner' and was a common practice. I'm not quite sure how this would work in modern times. However, Audrey was also a very traditional women and would definitely take her husbands last name.

I really have enjoyed reading this book and think at £13.99 it was a steal as it's not just a fashion guide, but a guide to life. Now I'm not saying once you read it you must completely immerse yourself in Audrey's lifestyle but it really does have alot of valuable lessons.

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