Friday, 8 July 2011

A Domestic Goddess in the making: The Hunt

Searching for items for a new home can be very very scary indeed, I know I found it tough! So to make things easier for those in a similar situation to me I thought I'd share some of my tips;

1. New Home, Fresh start:
A new place is a new you! It's your chance to leave the past in the past and re invent yourself if you wish to do so, especially if you're starting uni like me. I recomend going through old clothes and seeing what you REALLY wear and what you don't need at all. Make sure you try on each item before they go in the plastic bag then have a clothes swapping party for you and your friends!

2. Get rid of the clutter:
I am the worst for hoarding! I tend to find bits around my room I have never meant to keep. To help with the clutter make a memory box to put loved and cherished items you wish to have with you. Give the bits and bobs you don't need to a charity shop or have a carboot sale.

3. Make Lists:
Sounds silly but you'll be surprised at how much you can forget to get or how much you already have. Go through the things you have and make a list of things you need for all the rooms in your home.

4. Hunt:
Don't go into a store and buy the first thing you see. Chances are if you look around you may find a better deal!

5. A Place For Everything:
Make sure there is enough space for your items and try your best to keep everything where it should be. This makes things easier to find and cause you less of a fluster if you're cooking for guests.

6. Living With Friends:
Do your part of the cleaning away after yourself and do your best to not get in anyone's way. If a friend is bringing someone over who you may not like remember it is there home too. If tensions start to build though make sure to talk to eachother. Even the best of friends can have arguments when living together.

7. Living With  A Partner:
Make sure you both tidy up around the home and keep it neat. Chances are you are both busy with uni work or working. Try to make it so the person who is home first does the cooking. Again communication is key to getting any relationship right and is just as important when living together. Remember to give one another space if you need it. Sit down and talk about what your plans are and how you would like your home to look.

Getting a new home is exciting and fun so remember to relax and enjoy it once it is all done.

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