Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Master Your Wardrobe:

Ever have the problem where your wardrobe is FULL of clothing but you have nothing to wear? Welcome to my world. My problem is that I have so many quirky vintage pieces or old clothes when it comes to needing something to wear I can't find anything. I also find myself wearing certain items over and over again, I have one pair of high waisted skinny jeans which I have worn to death. It was then I decided it was time to break up with my wardrobe.
A few hours later I was faced with 5 big plastic bags of clothing and STILL a wardrobe full of clothing. Most of the clothing I've kept are things that I tried on and they still looked great. Looking at my rails of clothing I realised my problem. I forgot the basics! Most of my pieces are quirky and patterned so when it comes to putting a casual outfit together it was no wonder I found it difficult. Like most of us, I am working on a strict budget so I really need to choose carefully what to buy and what not to buy!

Wardrobe Basics:
There are a few items every girl needs in her wardrobe. A few basics can make a big difference as you can mix and match items to create new styles and looks.
  • Heels- 3 pairs of heels in black, neutral and another colour of your choice are all you really need. An expensive comfortable pair of heels is cheaper in the long run as they will last you longer.
  • Flats- Personally I believe you can never have too many flats! They look great with any outfit and are what you will probably be wearing most of the time. Also invest in a good pair of trainers for exercise.
  • Boots- I would say have at least 3 pairs of good boots to last you through Autumn and a pair of reliable boots for when it snows. I love boots as you can wear them with anything! For Autumn I'd wear mine with a jumper dress and tights.
  • Jeans- 2 pairs of jeans in a darker shade will flatter your figure. My personal favourites are high waisted or skinny jeans.
  • Coats- 2 coats are all you really need! One for the harsh winters and a lighter one for Autumn. I love my sheepskin vintage coat for winter and my beige fitted zara coat for Autumn.
  • Plain Tops- At least 4 plain tops two of which should be black and white.
  • Skirts- Skirts are great when you want to look a bit fancy but not too fancy, like if you're going out on the town.
  • Jumpers/Cardigans- These are great for chilly summer nights and cover ups. I personally like my Jumpers overiszed teamed with skinny jeans and boots.
  • Maxi Dress- I own a beautiful full length red Ghost maxi dress, it's my go to piece for big events such as weddings.
  • The LBD- The little black dress was invented by Coco Chanel and made famous by Audrey Hepburn.  It is a wardrobe classic for any girl, it's a go to if you need to look extra polished for a date and lasts through all seasons.
I hope this inspires you to go and declutter your wardrobes! Why not invite some friends over to help? They can tell you honestly what looks good! You can even make an evening of it and have a swap party!

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  1. this happens to me all the time! and as of late i have only been buying pieces that I really like and that are good quality... especially shoes! I have like 70-80 pairs of shoes... but only half of them are quality. good advice!