Friday, 22 July 2011

Old Favourites: Cocktails from the past!

When it's time to relax we all have our old favourite drinks we keep going back to. Some like a simple whisky on ice whilst others may have more expensive tastes and choose to unwind with champagne. Cocktails are my drink of choice as they are always presented well and taste great. We all like a drink every now and then so why not make it something classy and fancy like our old favourite stars?
Frank Sinatra was known to be a very stylish man always aware of how he looked and the company he kept. So it makes sense that his drink of choice was the very classy manhattan! It was said he would enjoy this cocktail with the "Rat Pack."
The late great Marilyn Monroe lived a hectic life but always enjoyed the finer things. Her great loves were men, chanel, acting and champagne. So my guess is she would of  enjoyed this simple but stylish champagne cocktail.

I do not hide the fact that I consider George Peppard in his 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' days to be the best looking man to have ever lived. Admittedly I do still watch the film and swoon over him. He has such grace and air about him which you can't quite put your finger on. George liked to relax with whisky,  Jack Daniels being the whisky of choice back then. I reckon the perfect gentlemen would have gone down well with George.
I hope you have fun trying these out! Remember to drink responsibly!

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