Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Eternal Beau

The wonderful thing about moving into a new place is that often people will buy you lovely things to fill it with! Now we have most of the flat sorted it was time to pay attention to detail. We realised we had most items but were short on plates. I am fussy with these things as I love antique plates, they look darling and make every meal time feel like you're at a resteraunt. However, beggers cannot be choosers!

I was VERY pleasently surprised when Simon's Mum's friend gave us her old plates. I opened the old news paper to find adorable antique octagon plates with dainty flowers and a pale yellow ribbon. Yes, they were eternal beau plates, side plates, bowls, a cup and saucers. I was so impressed with them! I instantly felt a sense of pride holding them and was happy to know we would have many many lovely meals together.

Not long after Simons Grandma had told us she had bought some lovely little glasses for our flat. To my joy and surprise they turned out to be eternal beau glasses! It seemed a strange coincidence, but instead I took it as faith because the very next day I visited a charity shop and they had the eternal beau tray!

I then discovered eternal beau was the gift of choice to give to newly weds in the 1980's. Now, we have been together for many years but are not newly weds yet. So if this is what you get for moving in together I can't wait to see what you get when you're married!

My collection kept growing! I ventured to a Sunday carboot with my Mum not expecting much maybe a nice antique plate here and there. Once again on a lady's stall I found an eternal beau clock! However her friend collected eternal beau so she knew how much it was worth so it was sold to me for £4. She then said 'Someone collects eternal beau! I'm surprised you don't already have the clock.' Ashamed that I indeed didn't have the clock already and feeling like I was a rubbish collecter I took my clock home. I then enthusiastically texted Simon and my friend Kerryanne about my find.

To drown my depression of being a rubbish collector I searched ebay. BIG mistake. I found myself bidding on everything eternal beau I could find! Including napkins and napkin rings. I have to admit though, I do love the collection. It's all so damn cute and dainty without being overly floral and in your face! I also like the unusual shape.

Do you collect anything too? Let me know!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Move over Nigella! Gizzi Erskine has arrived:

You may recognise Gizzi from TV shows such as cook yourself thin and cookery school. Now she is taking  over with her amazing talent and sound knowledge about healthy eating. She has even been dubbed the new Nigella.
 I really enjoy cook yourself thin as the recipes are never disapointing and you wouldn't think what you were eating to be  diet food. The show started with a group of ladies but Gizzi was always my firm fave so I was delighted when she went solo. She said: "Last time it was a Sex and the City-style cookery show. Now the whole thing is very Bewitched, like the 60s comedy. It's so cool. They've done a little cartoon for me, 1960s-style with my beehive." Cook yourself thin shows Gizzi helping those over weight to change a few simple things in their diet to help them get the figure they want. This means still having the flavoursome food they loved but in a much healthier way with a lot less calories. Gizzi puts those on the show at ease and you can tell by their reaction the food is actually amazing.

This may surprise you but Gizzi is a lover of retro and 60's style, as you can probably tell by her fabulous beehive and clothing. Although she admits to have being a bit of a punk with piercings, a shaved quiff and tattoos! She lights up the TV screen whenever she is on with her grace, charm and great knowledge about food. Gizzi, unlike alot of celeb chefs, actually is educated in cooking and you can really tell!

Gizzi has also brought out her own cooking book which I will be buying called 'Gizzi's Kitchen Magic.'
If you missed the show do not fret! You can watch it on 4od.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

We've got obsessions...

...Mine happens to be Cath Kidston. You can imagine the joy I felt when viewing Cath's new range of  vintage inspired items. They spoke right to my heart and I must have them!
Let us start with this modest but beautiful pins tin. It has a wonderful English elegance about it and that superb retro feel. Button tins and thread tins are also available in this style. I think any self respecting retro lover would be happy to have this in their home. It's both stylish and practical.

Next up is this wonderful red vintage inspired flour shaker. Now, I already own the provence rose flour shaker so it would be a tad silly for me to buy another on my budget. However look at the detail to vintage! I love it!

If I were allowed to hammer a pin in my rented flat the first thing I would put up would be this gorgeous retro ceramic clock. This has a lovely homely vibe to it and comes in blue too!

I would be glad to carry my lunch in one of these delightful vintage inspired sandwich boxes. Best of all, you get all three boxes for £8! Sounds good to me!

Cath alwys manages to surprise me with her designs. I swear she must of had me in mind when creating these! However don't just take a Cathaholic's word for it, go have a look around her site yourself!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Blast from the Past:

It seems that recently more and more people have been looking to the past for inspiration. The highstreet is flowing with vintage inspired goodness and I can't wait to see what is next! With so many lovely things to look at it's hard to choose your favourites, but I've done my best:
1970's style sequin bag Oasis
Retro ponti dress Riverisland

Retro high waisted shorts by Biba House of Fraser

House of Harlow 1960 14ct gold Tiger Eye ring Asos