Thursday, 11 August 2011

Move over Nigella! Gizzi Erskine has arrived:

You may recognise Gizzi from TV shows such as cook yourself thin and cookery school. Now she is taking  over with her amazing talent and sound knowledge about healthy eating. She has even been dubbed the new Nigella.
 I really enjoy cook yourself thin as the recipes are never disapointing and you wouldn't think what you were eating to be  diet food. The show started with a group of ladies but Gizzi was always my firm fave so I was delighted when she went solo. She said: "Last time it was a Sex and the City-style cookery show. Now the whole thing is very Bewitched, like the 60s comedy. It's so cool. They've done a little cartoon for me, 1960s-style with my beehive." Cook yourself thin shows Gizzi helping those over weight to change a few simple things in their diet to help them get the figure they want. This means still having the flavoursome food they loved but in a much healthier way with a lot less calories. Gizzi puts those on the show at ease and you can tell by their reaction the food is actually amazing.

This may surprise you but Gizzi is a lover of retro and 60's style, as you can probably tell by her fabulous beehive and clothing. Although she admits to have being a bit of a punk with piercings, a shaved quiff and tattoos! She lights up the TV screen whenever she is on with her grace, charm and great knowledge about food. Gizzi, unlike alot of celeb chefs, actually is educated in cooking and you can really tell!

Gizzi has also brought out her own cooking book which I will be buying called 'Gizzi's Kitchen Magic.'
If you missed the show do not fret! You can watch it on 4od.

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