Sunday, 7 August 2011

We've got obsessions...

...Mine happens to be Cath Kidston. You can imagine the joy I felt when viewing Cath's new range of  vintage inspired items. They spoke right to my heart and I must have them!
Let us start with this modest but beautiful pins tin. It has a wonderful English elegance about it and that superb retro feel. Button tins and thread tins are also available in this style. I think any self respecting retro lover would be happy to have this in their home. It's both stylish and practical.

Next up is this wonderful red vintage inspired flour shaker. Now, I already own the provence rose flour shaker so it would be a tad silly for me to buy another on my budget. However look at the detail to vintage! I love it!

If I were allowed to hammer a pin in my rented flat the first thing I would put up would be this gorgeous retro ceramic clock. This has a lovely homely vibe to it and comes in blue too!

I would be glad to carry my lunch in one of these delightful vintage inspired sandwich boxes. Best of all, you get all three boxes for £8! Sounds good to me!

Cath alwys manages to surprise me with her designs. I swear she must of had me in mind when creating these! However don't just take a Cathaholic's word for it, go have a look around her site yourself!

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