Thursday, 1 September 2011

GO chains: Mixing the 80's with now!

GOrealler are taking over with their amazing designs which marry the 70's/80's style and music with now! If you haven't heard of them you will do soon! I bought a blue and pink GOchain and I love it.

I love GOchains not just because they are fun and quirky but they are, in a way, about nostalgia. That in your face 80's vibe with the bold chains and cassette tape takes you back to your love of music. If you know me you will know I love the 80's for it's music and crazy style. I for one remember listening to the radio  waiting for my favourite songs to come on and recording them onto a cassette.
 Ofcourse I thought the cassette had been lost in the modern world but not anymore! You can now wear your memories.

Go check out their creations NOW! You won't be disappointed!

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