Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pretty in Pin-Up

Becoming a stunning pin-up is every retro loving girls fantasy, including mine. I was lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely photographer Rebecca Jones.  Once I arrived in her studio I knew it was the right place for me. The place had such a homely feel with pastel green walls, shabby chic furniture and decor. I felt welcome and really loved how different it was to the standard office. Rebecca had such a friendly professional vibe which put me at ease. Once Rebecca told me her idea to offer other vintage and retro lovers the chance to be transformed into a pin-up and have a photo shoot I was sold! I had always wanted to be part of something like this and I was so very excited to contribute my vintage goodies toward this movement. I was even more excited when Rebecca had asked me to be the cover for the groupon deal! Without hesitation I said yes!
I arrived with some outfits to get changed into and Rebecca offered me a drink and introduced me to Louise Hackney. Louise is a make-up artist who has done weddings, proms and special occasions. She was friendly and knew exactly what she was doing as she matched the make up perfectly to my skin tone. Once the make-up was finished I was eager to see the result as everyone seemed very excited saying I looked just like a pin-up. I looked in the mirror and was so happy with the result! For someone that has been obsessed with pin-ups and vintage I couldn't of asked for better make-up. I knew it would look great on camera. It was then time for the fun to begin! Rebecca showed me where to stand and pose while she adjusted the lighting so it would flatter me. The studio is amazing with an infinity wall, lights and a fan to cool you down. I was a bit nervous but Rebecca was so friendly she put me at ease and I was getting into the swing of things in no time. Rebecca is truly a master at what she does giving you direction to ensure you get the best possible photo. I could tell she is so passionate about this which made it even more fun! When it was all over I wished it wasn't! I could of done it all day and night which is how I knew this was going to be perfect for others. I was so lucky to get to experience this and can't wait for others to try it! It was so empowering and just tons of fun with friendly people in a great professional studio. Below are some of the pictures from the photoshoot which I am just over the moon with!

If you would like to enquire about having a photoshoot done yourself please contact Rebecca:
Rebecca Jones:
mobile: 07866048330

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