Friday, 19 October 2012

How to: Host a party like a bombshell

Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Lauren and Audrey Hepburn are among the few women who have received the title of being a 'bombshell.' It's a mixture of sas teamed with class which gives these women that je ne sais quoi. You can just imagine how amazing their parties would be and all the heads turning in the room as they enter.  Below is my guide of how to host like a bombshell including some favourites from the past:

What would a bombshell wear?
The bombshell loved to live a life she knew she couldn't really afford. So she would probably splash out on a chic red dress from that cute little boutique she's been meaning to try. She may even treat herself to lunch at a french bistro whilst deciding which clutch will go with her new dress. Then she would probably just buy a brand new one in champagne from New Look. She would then probably have to buy some heels, even if she doesn't wear them in the house.The bombshell would wear rhinestones and insist they're diamonds. It's just the kind of girl she is!

What drinks would she serve?
Champagne with an elegant strawberry or hibiscus. She will most likely run out and get her friends to fetch more. She may resort to creating her own cocktail if needs be.

What food would she serve?
The bombshell isn't one for cooking so she may make something simple like prawn cocktail or fondue. She will also have a bowl of crisps and dip as well as crudite.

How would she greet her guests?
The bombshell is never affraid of getting into other peoples personal space so she would probably greet them with a hug.

How would she say goodbye?
The bombshell would probably say goodbye with a hug saying 'We should meet up soon! I'll call you!' She will probably never call.

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